Ivanna Torres

Marketing and Social Media Manager

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  • 02 6175 7414
  • 0402 608 011
  • ivanna@haymanpartners.com.au

"I'm really happy to be part of the industry and vibrant team"

Meet Ivanna – our Marketing and Social Media Manager at Hayman Partners   With over two years of digital marketing experience in fashion and hospitality, she's diving headfirst into the real estate marketing area, bringing her expertise to our team.   While she may be a fresh face in real estate, her enthusiasm and curiosity have already made a mark. Ivanna's journey is a symphony of learning and creativity, fueled by the limitless possibilities of real estate exploration.   As Hayman Partners' Marketing and Social Media Manager, Ivanna's mission is crystal clear: to continue propelling us to the forefront of real estate marketing innovation. Her knack for innovation and fresh ideas is a driving force that will keep us ahead in this dynamic field.   Summing up her essence in three words – happy, enthusiastic, and creative – Ivanna's vivid spirit adds a burst of energy to our team. Beyond the digital field, you'll find her savoring sunsets with a glass of wine or beer, exploring new places, and cherishing moments with her loved ones.   What drew Ivanna to Hayman Partners It's a fusion of factors – a thriving business culture, a legacy in the industry, and, of course, the incredible people who make up our vibrant team!