Janae Mclister

Personal Assistant to Anthony McCormack

Contact Agent
  • 02 6175 7400
  • 0402 114 377
  • janae@haymanpartners.com.au

I'm looking forward to being able to work close to people and develop different relationships

Relatively new to the real estate industry is Janae Mclister, who has recently joined Hayman Partners as a Personal assistant to Anthony McCormack. Janae brings a vibrant and fresh energy to the team, and with her previous experience in customer service, we can certainly say she would be an expert in making people feel at ease. Unsurprisingly, with her passion for learning new things and her love of people, Janae was drawn to the industry "being able to work close to people and develop different relationships". She believes, " I have only been in real estate for three months; however, I have lifelong knowledge of building, development and the property market." With her exceptional attention to detail, Janae is looking forward to growing with Hayman Partners. Janae says it's the sense of team culture that enticed her to Hayman Partners, "delighted to be a part of a well-managed team and follow their work ethics". Janae focuses on pursuing a degree in psychology during her free time and enjoys hitting the gym! We cannot wait to see Janae succeed in her future. Welcome to Hayman Partners, Janae!