Prinka Dhingra

Portfolio Manager

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I love to help people have hassle-free experiences

During her ten year career as a cabin crew member, Prinka left the aviation industry as a natural people-person with highly professional customer service skills. This made her segway into real estate an easy decision as Prinka is an expert at remaining calm in high-pressure situations. Now, she finds herself delivering her best customer skills yet as a portfolio manager at Hayman at Partners. After four years in real estate, Prinka loves to "help people have hassle-free experiences". Her favourite thing about Hayman Partners is that we pride ourselves on providing personalised real estate services to our clients, being people's personal property partners. We know that if someone can stay friendly, kind and helpful after 10+ hours on a plane, portfolio management will be a breeze for Prinka! And she comes to Hayman intending to enhance her property management skills and further her passion for helping her clients' property needs. The old saying, "if you can't handle the heat, get out of the kitchen", doesn't apply to Prinka because there's no situation too hot for her. Prinka, we can't wait to see you achieve and exceed your goals.