Canberra’s Hidden Gems

Posted in Insights July 18th 2022

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again; Canberra is cool! While Questacon and The Australian War Memorial are unique and must-see places, that’s just scratching the surface. We’ve compiled a list of Canberra’s (current) best-kept secrets and hidden gems.


1. Canberra’s Street Art Trail of Braddon and Civic

Earlier this year, Canberra held an urban art festival that features a walkable trail of 30+ walls and structures that celebrates the raw energy and rich diversity of Canberra’s urban art scene. The Street Art Trail of Braddon and Civic is approximately 5km and takes 1.5 hours with short stops from Wall #1 to #29.

Artists: BRT and BOHIE | Image Source:


2. Spoonville of Isaacs Ridge

Whilst Canberra was in lockdown; a primary school teacher thought she’d create some entertainment for the kids in the area and grabbed an old wooden spoon and repurposed it into a resident of Spoonville. Now, there is a little village of Spoonvillians that still brings the community joy!

Photographer: Emma McLeod | Image Source: Canberra Notice Board Group


3. Alpaca Magic and Llamas Magic

A stone’s throw outside Canberra, you’ll find Alpaca Magic, a quality alpaca, llamas and donkey breeder and your coolest next breakfast spot! At Alpaca Magic, you can have breakfast with the Alpacas & Llamas!

Image source:


4. Boundless Playground

Boundless—The Centenary of Canberra National Playground is Canberra’s first all-abilities playground, located on the shore of Lake Burley Griffin at Kings Park. The playground offers a space for people with different levels of ability to play, socialise, explore, challenge physical limits and make new friends. Boundless is a free, fun, state-of-the-art play space for people of all ages and abilities.

Image Source:


5. Cockington Green Gardens’ Model Village

Now, if you love miniature things, we’d have to recommend the Model Village at Cockington Green Gardens. The gardens are vibrant and lush, but we loved it for the humorous and (at times) random display of miniature scenes. 

Image Source: @cockingtongreen | Cockington Green Gardens Facebook page


6. (Haunted) Hotel Kurrajong

If you fancy a fancy yet extraterrestrial night, then book into Hotel Kurrajong—it’s rumoured to be haunted by the ghost of ex-Australian Prime Minister Ben Chifley—pictured below at Hotel Kurrajong with his wife, Elizabeth Chifley.

Image Source: Hotel Kurrajong


7. SUNY Cereal Bar

If your breakfast go-to is cereal, the ‘For the Love of Cereal’ you’ve got to go to—SUNY Cereal Bar. Serving diner coffee, ice cream and cereal, you can visit this place from 9 AM–3 PM on Saturdays and Sundays.

Photo Source: @SUNY-Cereal-Bar-106186488551360 | SUNY Cereal Bar Facebook page


8. Ginninderry’s Conservation Corridor

A new track—previously inaccessible to the public—connects Ginninderry to the much-loved Shepherds Lookout. You can now weave through two forest types, native grassland areas, and view ever-changing vegetation types and landscapes, like the vista down the Murrumbidgee River captured in the painting Weetangera (1937) by Elioth Gruner.

Image Source: Tracey M Benson |


9. The National Bonsai and Penjing Collection

Located in the National Arboretum are The National Bonsai and Penjing Collection, which showcases a truly unique event space within the world-class display of some of the finest miniature trees and forests in the world.

Image Source: The National Arboretum


10. The Truffle Farm

Established in 2016 and loved by thousands of Canberrans since The Truffle Farm isn’t exactly a ‘hidden’ gem. But we’re making an exception because you get to find hidden gems, AKA you, your posse and the adorable truffle dog team head out for a truffle hunt!


Image Source: @thetrufflefarm | The Truffle Farm Facebook page


Canberra is full of hidden gems; in fact, we still have many other places we could mention, such as the Mystery Canberra Picnic Date, the Nishi Gallery and the Old Parliament House Gardens. But alas, all things must come to an end. We hope you have fun visiting some of the places listed, and if you do, be sure to tag us on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn!