Continuing the Journey: Why Team Members Return to Hayman

Posted in Insights, Our people December 1st 2023

After the moving journey of Part 1 of our blog series, which took us down memory lane and allowed us to share the true essence of our agency through the words of past and present team members, we’re back with Part 2 on what makes Hayman Partners an extraordinary real estate agency to work. We explore why our team members decided to return or stay working remotely and what they find exceptional for the agency and team.

Join us as we share the three team members’ honest experiences on the teamwork, distinct culture, and lasting fellowship that collectively make up the authentic Hayman Partners experience.

Anna Casey, Portfolio Manager, has been part of the Property Management team for 5 years. Now lives in Wagga Wagga, working remotely for Hayman Partners.

Anna - Hayman Partners

Anna's Family - Hayman Partners

Anna Casey is known for wearing her heart on her sleeve when it really counts. She shared the emotional decision to move to Wagga Wagga with us and that by prioritising her want of having her two daughters growing up surrounded by family, it meant leaving Hayman Partners; well so she thought.

Anna: “I had a very heavy heart about leaving Hayman Partners. When I started, I had always promised that it was the only agency I would work for in this industry again. Being able to work with a real estate agency like Hayman Partners was like hitting the real estate team jackpot!” She said.

“I know that there aren’t many agencies out there that operate in the way that Hayman Partners do. Knowing this, it made our decision to relocate a tough one, and all I kept thinking was ‘if only our families could relocate to us’.”

We asked Anna how she felt when management tabled the option of retaining her in her position and enabling her the opportunity to work from home (WFH) with monthly visits to Canberra for face-to-face appointments.

“I must admit that I was shocked by the offer. This was completely left of field because no one was in a WFH role at that time. It’s difficult to do in property management especially, and certainly wasn’t anything I was expecting when we were planning to relocate. When they did though, I definitely felt a sense of pride, knowing that all the hard work I had put in over the years, building relationships with my clients, had not gone unnoticed. The business owners saw value in the relationships I had, and obviously considered me as an integral part of the agency. It’s so important for us to maintain consistency for our clients, even if this means stepping outside the box. And if I’m truly honest, I was also secretly excited about my monthly child-free visits to Canberra!” she laughed.

We understand that you miss many of the social events the agency holds and the in-person camaraderie with your Hayman Partners family because of the distance. We’ve been told that Brett and Leisa came to Wagga and took you and your husband out for dinner as a gesture of gratitude for all you do for the team and clients. Were you surprised, and how did this make you feel?
“We felt very privileged that they came to visit us. It’s not something you expect busy business owners to do with their little spare time. I am so grateful that they are always thinking about us team members and making sure that everyone is always included – no matter where we are.

“I think this just goes to show the type of people that Brett and Leisa and the other business owners are. They are the most caring and giving people we have ever met. They create a sense of family amongst the team and always welcome everyone with open arms. I am so lucky to be part of such an amazing real estate agency.”

We finally asked Anna if she could explain to us what has stood out for her about Hayman Partners.

“I knew that trying to find another agency as great as Hayman Partners was not going to be an easy feat. I could have very easily walked into another real estate job here in Wagga with the skills that I have. However, it was important to me that I was able to get a feel for the agency culture before jumping into another job,” begins Anna.

Continuing, she explained, “I was in contact with a lot of agencies in Wagga because we were looking to buy a house here. I very quickly established the ones that did not align with my values, and for that matter, the values we have at Hayman Partners. This made me realise that I didn’t want to work for any other agency, and that if I was to stay in real estate, it would need to be with Hayman Partners. It has always felt like family with the Hayman Partners team, I’ve always been supported on both a professional and personal level. They are an agency that actually cares, and I can’t work anywhere else.”

Rochelle Roberts, Financial Controller, has been with Hayman Partners from the start. Now located in Townsville, Queensland.

Rochelle Roberts - Hayman Partners

In a candid conversation with Rochelle Roberts, we had the privilege of delving into what sets Hayman Partners apart as a truly distinctive real estate company. She warmly shares her experiences and reflections on the very heart and soul of Hayman Partners.

“Hayman Partners was developed with the proviso of creating lasting partnerships with clients, staff and community members,” begins Rochelle.

“I was the Operations Manager at the time when the business was a franchise office and became a stand-alone brand. We wanted to create a brand that clients could continue to come back to as their lives evolved and their real estate needs changed. Brett and the team focused on creating positive experiences and tailoring services to the individual needs of clients, as opposed to the beliefs of the real estate agents or drivers of the business performance needs.”

Rochelle was quick to highlight the ethical compass that guides Hayman Partners. “I was always impressed by the morals and ethics Brett applied to every scenario and decision we made – his focus and determination were to do what was best for clients, support and grow staff, and be a real estate agency that could be trusted, always.”

For Rochelle, this alignment of values was fundamental “This is how I also believe a business should operate, so knowing that this was Hayman Partners vision assured me that I had found ‘my people’.”

We got onto the topic of what caused Rochelle to move to Townsville in far north QLD during the difficult Covid era. Her story underpins her deep connection with Hayman Partners.

“I moved from Canberra to Townsville during the Covid pandemic because my mother was suffering from a declining health condition. The border closure prevented me from being with her, even though the owners were more than happy for me to travel to her as often as I needed or wanted too,” she explains.

“I had to make the decision to leave Hayman Partners for the wellbeing of my family, But parting with Hayman Partners was a heartbreaking decision. I had spent almost 18 months travelling between the two locations, so my decision came as no surprise to anyone.”

She continues, clearly with sincere gratitude, “the support and understanding of the Hayman family was truly exceptional. After spending 14 years in Canberra, I sold my house, resigned my position and moved. It was a huge change for me on every level I’m sure you can appreciate. I had doubts about finding an agency that could equal what I believed about Hayman Partners stood for.”
Then Rochelle went on to tell us about the ‘eureka’ call that came out of the blue. “Brett phoned me to see if I wanted to change career direction and rejoin Hayman Partners – as Financial Controller – in a WFH role.

“You see, after trying two different agencies, I had actually given up on my career in real estate because I couldn’t find my place, or rather, my home. Hayman Partners is truly my real estate home. I also knew that this was an incredibly unique opportunity, and on top of that, it would ignite a massive infrastructure change to the operations of the business. I guess to sum it up, it meant that Brett and all the owners absolutely believed in me, and that they truly trust my skillset. I knew the second I said yes that I was the best decision for me, and my partner,” she laughed, “he gets happy and content Rochelle at home again!”

Rochelle finished up with, “My personal ‘why Hayman Partners?’ is for so many reasons. I love the commitment and drive of the team and owners. I love being able to be myself and having the opportunity to share my knowledge. I love the holistic approach to all services within the business. I love the challenge; no two days are the same. Real estate is quick-paced, and client-focused, and even though I am at the other end of the country, I’m still so involved in day-to-day operations. My phone rings endlessly with calls from staff, the owners and clients – and I love being able to help them. I continue to get great satisfaction from seeing the people around me grow. The vision of Hayman Partners remains the same now, from when it launched over 5 years ago, and I am so very blessed that Brett was willing to adapt the business to enable me to continue to be a part of it and join them on the journey.”

Kelly Murphy, Portfolio Manager, has been part of the PM team for 1 year and 6 months. She returned to our team in 2023.

Kelly Murphy - Hayman Partners

Kelly - Hayman Partners

Kelly decided to leave Hayman Partners, and we asked her what she thought she would miss the most about the company.

“I left in early 2021. The Covid craziness had set in in real estate, like most industries. But I had made a lot of close friendships within the team, which made leaving all that much harder. The clients also were lovely to deal with too, so leaving them was bittersweet.” She said.

Kelly adds, “One thing I loved, and still do love, most about Hayman Partners is that we all sit together out back – no segregation. Even the owners sit amongst us. This isn’t the case in other agencies I have worked for, and this is why they don’t have unity like Hayman Partners does. I also believe Hayman Partners has the perfect sized team – I have worked for much smaller, and larger teams, but I find the size of Hayman Partners works best.”

Kelly also shares that when she decided to reach out to Hayman Partners to come back, “My previous agency was going to be part of a merger, but after meeting with the new agency it just didn’t feel like it was the right fit for me. I was still in close contact with the team at Hayman Partner, so when I thought of what was going to be my next step, it had to be going back to Hayman Partners if I were to stay in the industry. I also knew of fellow former colleagues who had returned already, so that was another sign this was the right choice for me.”

We asked Kelly about what it is that she really enjoys about Hayman Partners, and she finished with, “That it now feels like I never left! I was welcomed back with open arms. Even though there were some new faces, I was quick to establish new relationships and reignite old ones. Management is always approachable and have your back 100%. It makes you feel very supported. They encourage the best in you, and help you work hard at being your best. I’m just so glad to be back.”
Many thanks to all the talented, strong, and unique team members who were part of this blog sequence. We are very happy to have you in our Hayman Family. To those who are no longer with us, thank you for sharing your experiences and reflections with all of us.


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