Getting Engaged: Team Hayman’s craziest engagement stories

Posted in Our people May 3rd 2022

We love love, and we love to write about love. So, when one of our team members gets engaged, we just have to write up about it. Plus, everyone loves an engagement story, whether you believe in marriage or not. So, without further ado, here are some of our team member’s craziest and most beautiful engagement stories.


Lauren and Ash 

We’re starting with the person who inspired this article—Loz Mac, AKA Lauren McDonald, who’s now SOOOOLD! That’s right, Lauren said YES to her long-time partner, Ash. But Ash was incredibly tactful about how he did this because this year’s women’s Australian Open winner was, of course, Ash Barty. So our Ash was able to blame Ash Barty on the pre-engagement nerves—good thinking, 99!

Lauren Mcdonald

Chris and Kate 

Next is Chris Hetherington and his soon to be wife, Kate. Chris describes his engagement story as “cute and intimate”. In fact, Chris said it was “a perfect proposal!”

Chris set up a picnic that included a lovely picnic rug and a gorgeous beach brolly. Together, with their doggo, they enjoyed the moment, each other and the sunset. So, after spending a fantastic day together on the South Coast, Chris thought that day was the perfect time to pop the big question. During that magical sunset, he went down on his knees and proposed to Kate! Reflecting fondly on the moment, Chris said, “it was the most magical and perfect moment and the answer was a definite YES!” Cuuuuuuuuuuute, Chris, CUTE!

Brett and Leisa 

Second is Brett Hayman and Leisa, who, hands down, have one of the funniest engagement stories of all time! 

In 2019, amidst a fight in a hotel in Bowral, after Hayman Partners’ first birthday dinner—Leisa had no idea what was waiting for her. After emerging from the bathroom, on her way to bed, stood upright and looking all tense, was Brett. As they were mid-arguments, naturally, Leisa assumed that that was the reason for his peculiar body language. Nevertheless, she charged straight onto the bed, and when she threw back the covers, low and behold—there it was, “a closed ring box under the quilt!” 

After seeing how gorgeous the ring box was, the first words out of Leisa’s mouth were, “are you kidding! Is this what I think it is?!” Nervous and scared, but with all the sincerity in the world, Brett stood tall, looked Leisa in the eyes and asked, “would you like a short, fat, bald bloke to be your next husband?” And, in absolute Leisa fashion, she replied, “well, you better get on your knees if I’m going to say yes!”

And so, the short, fat, bald bloke did just that, and the rest is history!

Brett and Leisa

Linda & Athol

Linda and Athol met on a dating platform called RSVP and hit it off straight away! Like the beginning of so many movies and TV shows, Linda and Athol’s love began over a “coffee date”—where they both discovered neither liked coffee and instead got a milkshake, which turned out to be equally as bad! While sipping and bonding over their terrible-tasting milkshakes, they both realised their taste in people was better than in cafes. And that’s when they knew—they were soulmates!

After two years of dating, Linda’s husband decided he’d pop the question in DUBAI, only slightly better than the cafe from their first date, if you’re asking us. Athol took Lisa to a bridge overlooking a lake covered with fairy lights and fireworks—SUCH a cute proposal!


So that’s a wrap! On some of the craziest and most fun engagement stories. We love, love and love our team members and could not be happier for them to have found their perfect better- half.