Houses with stunning winter ‘moments’ we have listed right now

Posted in Current listings June 3rd 2022

As we roll into the first week of June, we are reminded by the weather and our calenders that winter is most definitely here! So if winter is your favourite season, we’re here to celebrate it and show you the homes with the best winter ‘moments’ we have listed right now.


1. Light to delight and warm

If you’re more of a cold-blooded mammal, you’ll require a home with many places to basque in the sun while also being well insulated. In Holder, you’ll find 29A Williamson Street, which is not only beautiful and new, it’s littered with places to sit in the sun and is built with brick—perfect! See you later, cold fingers and toes!

Hayman Partners Real Estate

29A Williamson St Holder


2. Plunge into a pool at any time

If you were a fish in a past life, you’re part fish/part human now, or you’re just someone who loves the occasional dip at any time of year—no worries—80/12 David Street in Turner is your place. Why? Sure, it’s a beautiful two-bedroom apartment in Turner, but what’s better is that the complex comes with an indoor pool! No time is a bad time for a swim when you have an indoor pool.

Hayman Partners - Canberra

80/12 David St Turner


3. Winter Wonderland

If this room isn’t delivering the ultimate winter moment, we don’t know what will—35/1 Allambee Street in Reid screams ‘winter paradise’. From the plush lounges to the wooden floors, the lighting fixtures, and the big and beautiful fireplace, this quaint and traditionally styled home is everything we’re looking to buy this winter. Also, if you live here, we think your title should change to Lord or Lady. 

Hayman Canberra - Canberra

35/1 Allambee St Reid


4. 20 Cosy Crescent

Shrouded in trees, warm light, wooden floors and soft and intimate nooks, we’re dubbing 20 Jamieson Cres in Kambah to 20 Cosy Cres. This cosy palace gives you the same feeling as waking up on a Sunday morning to the smell of fresh coffee and pancakes. This home’s exciting, warm, and inviting environment makes it the perfect winter purchase because you’ll never want to leave, and it’s too cold to go out!

Hayman Partners Real Estate

20 Jamieson Cres Kambah


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