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Working together for you

In almost every aspect of life,  finding the right partner changes everything.  Leasing your home is no exception.  It’s important to choose a property manager you feel  comfortable with, someone you can trust and communicate with easily.

That’s where our partnership approach comes  in.  Rather than rushing in, we take  the time to get to know you, right up front.  By listening closely, we gain a deep  understanding of your needs, personal situation and expectations.  We use  this understanding to tailor a strategy to maximise the value you gain from your  investment property.

One team, one focus.

The property management team at Hayman Partners is structured to ensure we meet your highest expectations. Our focus is to provide you with consistently outstanding service during the management of your property. We’ll always do our utmost to ensure the leasing process is as efficient and stress-free as possible.


Our business development manager has the knowledge to advise you on current  market  conditions, industry best-practise and benefits that will  ensure  your returns are well-placed to meet your investment  goals.  With a thorough  understanding of  the Canberra rental property market our BDM is a leader  in the  industry  and can help you with your investment by providing an assurance of  genuine expertise based on what will work best  for your individual situation.


Unlike some agencies, our portfolio managers are genuine career property  management experts. With a complete understanding of the relevant legislation  applicable to your investment, they work hard to promote a smooth and  simple tenancy.   Our portfolio managers  also make  themselves available to assist you throughout the leasing process.


We  understand  extended vacancies  are  a big  concern  for our  clients.  To minimise  this  risk, we have  dedicated  leasing  consultants specialising in  matching the  right  tenants with  the  right properties.  Our  properties are   exhibited six  days  a week  and we have  the  market knowledge  (and  technology) to  quickly  cross-match prospective  tenants  with newly  available  properties. This  allows  us  to  generate a  higher  volume of  quality applications for our clients to  choose from  and assist in  reducing  vacancy risks for  our owners.


All  portfolio  managers and  leasing  consultants at  Hayman  Partners are  directly  supported by  a  dedicated team  of  administrators.  Focused on  ensuring  our paperwork,  agreements,  and advertisements  are  always of  the  highest quality,  they  allow your  portfolio  manager to  focus  more time  on  you and your investment.


To  bring  you the  very  best results,  our  property management  team  receives support  from  team leaders.  Whilst not  all agencies  are  prepared to  provide  such a  service,  it’s something  we’re  very proud  of  at Hayman Partners.  Our  structure means,  when  you choose  us  to lease  and  manage your  property,  our most  experienced  people are  working  on your  behalf.

The  4-stage tenanting  process


When  leasing  your home,  it’s  essential to  have  a good  understanding  of what  it’s  actually worth.  If you  set your rent  too  high, tenants  may  not come  to  view. However,  if  you price  too  low you  may  fall short  of  the result  you  deserve. To  help  you set the right price, our  team will  conduct  a detailed  market  analysis which includes  current  homes on  the  rental market,  recently  leased homes  and  the demographic  of  tenants attending  open  homes in  your  area.  Ultimately, this  process will  decide  the market  price.


Our  leasing  consultant will  personally  exhibit your  home  to prospective  tenants.  We’ll either conduct  private  exhibitions or  open  homes, and  are  available six  days  a week.  We’ll  communicate directly  with  either yourself,  or  your vacating  tenants,  to arrange  a  suitable schedule.  Rest  assured, we  value  your homes  security  and will never  provide  keys to  prospective  tenants.


We  understand  every client  has  an ‘ideal  tenant’  for their  home.  We’ll always  provide  you with  the information you  need  to make  the  right choice.  Applicants  undergo a  vigorous  reference checking  process  prior  to consideration.  Only then  are they  passed  to  you  for final  selection.  Your tenancy,  your  choice!


Once  you’ve  approved a  tenant,  we’ll arrange  for  a tenancy  agreement  to be  signed  securing the  home  for your tenant,  and  the tenant  for  you. Your  portfolio  manager will  then  send a  copy  of the  agreement  to you  for  your records  and  upload to  your  portal.

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