Our Special Sauce is our Team Culture: “Hayman Partners feels like home, and the team feels like family.”

Posted in Careers 1, Our achievements, Our people April 4th 2022

There’s something special at Hayman Partners—in business, many people come and go, but at Hayman, it seems people come, go and then come back to work or help out! For us, this is something we’re immensely proud of, and it speaks volumes about our fantastic team members, our collaborative culture and our inclusive work environment.


1. Annaliese Doyle

The first on our list is our Business Development and Leasing Coordinator, Annaliese Doyle, who works alongside the lovely Ems (Emily Antill). When Anna left, she always knew she’d return. So, when she did, we were elated as it also wasn’t long after she initially left! For her, Hayman’s team culture is what it’s all about, “people support each other and genuinely want to see each other succeed…I came back because Hayman Partners feels like home, and the team feels like family.” With tears in our eyes, there’s not much else we can add to that. 

Annaliese Doyle Hayman Partners

Annaliese Doyle back in April 2021


2. Emily Antill

Second is our business development manager, Emily Antill (who’s pictured above). She left Hayman Partners and returned early last year. When she stepped back into the groove of her former/new job, she turned and said, “[she] loved being home”. Ems is a part of the furniture, so we love having her home!


3. Eleanor Earley

Next up is Elle, who VERY begrudgingly moved to Sydney with her husband for his work in the navy. But despite the critical boat-related work her husband’s involved with, Elle’s determined to return to Hayman Partners and Canberra in twelve months. So much so, we’ve dubbed Elle as The Terminator because we know “she’ll be back”!


“I’ll be back” – The Terminator | Source: denofgeek.com


4. Rochelle Roberts

Before the Brilliant Belinda, we had Roaring Rochelle, our former Operations Manager, and an absolute force to be reckoned with. Rochelle left us to move to Townsville to be with her Mum. And while there is no plan for her to return, she is still very much a part of the team and has offered to help us from sunny Townsville.


5. Lisa Guthrie

Lisa Guthrie, our former Portfolio Department Manager (in the hot pink below), is one person who’s been there for the good and tough times. She, *I’m not crying you’re crying*, is officially leaving Hayman Partners to take up an operations role with her husband’s swim school. We say officially as she temporarily returned after resigning to help us with PM silly season. But we’re so excited to see her with her family and helping her husband’s business take off!


Lisa Guthrie and Rick Meir at the 2021 Hayman Partners Christmas Party


6. Tommy Hathaway

Another is Tommy Hathaway, who has a special relationship with Hayman Partners. Tommy is the Director Principal of Hathaway Real Estate, the partner of our beloved Marty Faux and a client of Hayman Partners’ too (we just sold their home). Our relationship with Tommy is quite unique as his plus-one status makes him a quasi-team Hayman Partners member. And our exchange of professional services with one another also makes him a Hayman business partner.


Of course, we have people leave, but we also support people when they decide it’s time to move on or come back! Either way, we wish all our former employees or partners the best with their future endeavours, and we think that’s pretty special.