Property Management Career: Beyond Just a Stepping Stone

Posted in Careers, Insights, Our people May 19th 2023

Anna Casey - Portfolio Manager - Hayman Partners

It’s no secret that real estate can offer an incredibly rewarding career. But there’s much more to real estate than just helping people buy and sell properties. Property management is a whole other arm of real estate. While some have traditionally seen it as a stepping stone in their real estate career, more people are finding it’s a fantastic career.

Like Anna Casey, a Portfolio Manager with the Hayman Partners team, who has found a fulfilling career in property management.

She had been working in the commercial airline industry for around five years, working in customer relations and the airport lounge, when she felt like a change. It was by chance that her neighbour at the time, who worked in property management, mentioned they were looking for someone, so Anna decided she might as well apply.

That was almost a decade ago. These days Anna is proud of the career she’s growing in property management as industry innovation means that her role is diverse, ever-changing and provides real career fulfilment.

“Our jobs involve so much more than just picking up the phone to book in a plumber or answer a tenant’s call. Recent innovations in technology are changing the way that we work. And while adopting these new tools may have a learning curve at first, I find it really interesting and stimulating. I’m always glad once we’ve done it, and we can see the payoff for both us and our clients,” she says.

Anna initially worked as a property manager at an agency for a couple of years, where she moved into a senior role managing a team of property managers. Then in 2019, Anna moved across to Hayman Partners, where she’s really found her stride.

“Hayman Partners are such a wonderful, wonderful team to work for. They’re very family-orientated, with great, positive work culture, and they offer a high level of flexibility.”

“I used to work full time, but these days I work part time, and I’ve been given opportunities to work from home. And with a young family, having that flexibility in the role is so important. Being able to have that work life balance is a big one for me.”

Anna Casey with her family

The main change Anna was looking for when leaving the airline industry was she wanted to get out and about and “not be stuck behind a desk all day”. As a property manager, she got that and a whole lot more.

“The role isn’t your standard working in the office, sitting in front of a computer all day. It’s actually getting out on the ground and going out to see the beautiful homes, getting to see Canberra, and meeting with clients and tenants,” she says.

Anna says it’s a role that would suit someone who enjoys having a bit of autonomy and who loves talking to people.

“Although you report back to a manager, you manage your own days. So you’re setting up your own inspections, and you’re planning out your work week. It’s nice to be given the reins to sort out your own work schedule,” she says.

“It’s also a really interesting role. No two days are ever the same. There’s always something new that pops up. And I really enjoy meeting new people all the time. If you’re a people person, then it’s definitely a role for you.”

When she first applied for that original job in property management, Anna says she didn’t necessarily see it as a career. Now she’s firmly in it for the long haul.

“I just feel like it’s the sort of job that once you get into it, you just want to keep going. And that’s how I feel. I really enjoy it.”

Property management, to her, is more than just a job. It’s a rewarding career path that brings new challenges and opportunities each day.


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