See what streets our agents have sold the most properties on!

Posted in Areas we service, Careers, Community, Our achievements, Our people, What we do May 5th 2022

Few things in real estate create pure and utter joy. One is selling a home to first homeowners, the other is finding the perfect place for people who have spent years searching, and last but not least is knowing that they have aced a particular area in our lovely capital city. 

Thanks to our agents’ phenomenal collaboration and networks and their ability to ask the right questions, our agents achieved this. Here are the areas in which our sales agents have excelled and have sold the maximum number of houses! 


Young Street, Barton

Knowing a specific suburb in and out is the best feeling for real estate agents! We can guarantee Shane’s pretty proud of himself, and so are we! Here’s introducing the Barton Guru Shane, as he’s sold over 15 houses in this spectacular suburb named after Australia’s first prime minister Edmund Barton. 

Firstly after selling six gorgeous homes on Young Street, Barton. He then moved to the other part of the suburb, where he sold four homes on Blackall Street, Barton. If you’re looking for a home in the lovely Barton, get in touch with our Barton guru! 

young street


John Gorton Drive, Coombs

Coming up next is the lovely Loz, aka Lauren Mcdonald! For us, Lauren is the queen of John Gorton Drive; the tag says it all! Selling eight homes in a specific suburb is undoubtedly not an easy task, but she did it! We can say that Lauren has aced the Molonglo valley and knows every single detail about it. You can test her on that if you want to! She successfully sold some fantastic houses in Molonglo valley (five homes in Coombs and three in Wright), which for a fun fact, was known as “Yeal-am-bid-gie” in 1820. 

john Gorton drive


Maygar Street, Hughes 

Next up is Team McCormack, who has successfully sold some fantastic houses in two of Canberra’s oldest and most amazing suburbs to live in! We can undoubtedly say that team McCormack has their A-game on, as they have sold homes three on Maygar Street, Hughes and three on Edney Place, Isaacs. Knowing your local suburbs and the benefit of living there is essential for a real estate agent to help their clients get the perfect home, and team McCormack is the best at it! We are excited to see what team McCormack brings to the table next! 


Rubbo Crescent, Weston 

Here’s one of our dynamic duo’s back at it again! You guessed it right, Rick and Tina, we love, love and love them! This dynamic duo have sold four perfect family homes with a view to die for in the lovely Rubbo Crescent, Weston. One of Canberra’s oldest suburbs, so if you are looking for a house in Weston, Rick and Tina, our dynamic duo, are your people! 

Derwent Street, Curtin 

Next up is Team Hayman, coming at you with an incredible number of houses sold! We can proudly say Team Hayman has sold six homes on Derwent street and five on Gillies street in Curtin. Brett and the team have aced two of Canberra’s most popular suburbs in the real estate market. We are excited to see which is the next suburb team Hayman are taking on next! 



We are so so so proud of our agents, and for the hard work they do in making Hayman Partners where it is today! We certainly could not do this without you all! Keep up the excellent work and keep excelling in real estate. 

“Teamwork makes a dream work.”