Striking the balance between parenting & real estate

Posted in Careers 1, Our people, What we do October 31st 2022

At Hayman Partners, we know the lifestyle of balancing parenting and real estate can be quite challenging. We pride ourselves on the family-friendly work culture we have built, and because we trust our agents, and know that giving them the flexibility to structure work around their lifestyle, makes the work they do all the more fulfilling. Whether it’s changing appointments to suit their schedule or even transitioning to part-time work, our agents have the necessary support to thrive as parents and real estate agents at Hayman Partners.  


We also know that every parent, child and role is different, so we spoke with the parents in our team to learn how they balance their life and what works best for them—here is what they had to say.


“Balance and support are crucial in this business.”  – Anthony McCormack

“Balance and support are crucial in this business” is the advice from the Director and Sales Consultant Anthony McCormack. Anthony is also a Father of three boys aged 20, 18 and 10. When we asked Anthony what advice he would give to fellow parents and real estate agents he said, 

To achieve balance in any industry, a parent needs to know they are supported. For our industry, it is especially vital when working in the business of helping people find and create homes, often during hours that aren’t your typical working day of 9 am – 5 pm, Monday to Friday.


Anthony McCormack with two of his three sons.


This support can come in many forms. For some, it is from fellow agents like what Chris Hetherington experienced as a new Father of a 3-month-old girl. Chris reflected on how the team at Hayman Partners stepped in to help when the birth of his first child fell on a Saturday—the busiest day of the week in real estate. He is also finding that in this new era of Fatherhood, the “…freedom and flexibility to run your own show is truly possible because of the support of amazing colleagues.”


Chris Hetherington and his three-month-old daughter.


For others, it can come from family, as is the case for our Principal Director, Brett Hayman, Father and Step-Father of two 15-year-olds who are now setting their own agendas and schedules. He credits his amazing wife, Leisa, for helping him achieve all he has to date as “She makes the juggling act of real estate and parenting possible because she is available for the kids (and I) when we need her—especially when the kids need to be picked up and dropped off at last minute notice.”


“Focus on having an ideal week and sticking to it so both clients and family are not let down.” – Brett Hayman


Brett’s biggest piece of advice when asked what he would pass along to parents and real estate agents looking to create a balanced lifestyle is “Focus on having an ideal week, and sticking to it, so your family and your clients know you are committed to them.” There is little white space in people’s diaries today, so when juggling work relationships, client goals, family needs and your health, it is important that you are well-organised so you can share your time and focus with all.



Brett Hayman with his two teenagers.

Portfolio manager Rainer Filleul, Mother to a 3 and 1-year-old, understands all too well the importance of ensuring you are looking after yourself so that you can put your best foot forward for your family and work life. She stresses the importance of learning organisation to flourish in roles at work and home. Not forgetting her passions in the process, she makes sure to find time to hit the golf course, even if it is only 15 minutes. 


“Being a parent is amazing and, at times, all-consuming, but as an agent with Hayman Partners, they understand family time, parenting and life balance.” – Glen Kinston


“Being a parent is amazing and, at times, all-consuming. As an agent with Hayman Partners, I am aware of competing priorities and must know what takes precedence and when to maintain life balance” is how Sales Agent Glen Kingston, Father to two teens described his work and parenting life. As someone who has been a Dad longer than he has been an agent, Glen knows both jobs are busy but enjoyable. His time with Hayman has shown that “…even in a busy role, you have the ability to move things around and accommodate your work and children.”


Glen Kingston with his two teenagers.


Sharing a similar sentiment was Portfolio Manager Prinka Dhingra, Mother to two children aged 7 and 3. She described how the juggle is real between her work and family life, but the key to success is finding harmony between both. This is what we strive to be at Hayman Partners. 


Prinka Dhingra with her two daughters.


This is appreciated by all of our employees and their families, like Property Manager, Anna Casey with daughters aged 7 and 5, who love to pop into the office where “they are always made to feel important and welcome by our team and business owners. It often feels like my family is an extension of our Hayman Partners family.”


Anna Casey with her two daughters.


Client service manager Melaia Tonga, Mother of two boys, aged 5 and 2, says that Hayman Partners’ family-first values were a major contributing factor to her joining the company. She recounted that,

Knowing that Hayman Partners has a flexible and understanding workplace culture is reassuring as a parent and that Hayman Partners was cultivated by selecting the right agents and maintaining an understanding of their needs as their lives change makes it an enjoyable place to come to everyday.


Melaia Tonga with her two sons.

Our team’s top tips for balancing parenting and real estate:


1. “Get your kids supported by someone other than you, so you feel less anxious about their health and safety when they are away from you.” — Rainer Filleul


2. “With planning, you can make every minute count at work and at home.” — Anthony McCormack


3. “Acknowledge and support your partner as they are also the parent. In real estate, you don’t need to sacrifice everything for success.” — Brett Hayman


4. “Keep your perspective, and don’t sweat the small stuff. Real estate is busy and there will be tough days, but when you get home and your little ones come running to you with a smile, nothing else matters.” — Belinda Martin


5. “Everyone’s situations are different, do what suits you and your family. Putting structure into our home first created a flow-on effect for me at work.” — Melaia Tonga


6. “Life with kids and your job can be achieved in perfect harmony, and Hayman Partners is an understanding place to work for.” — Prinka Dhingra


7. “Agents work different hours, and how you manage your time is on you. Organise flexibility into your schedule so you have time for yourself and your family.” — Glen Kingston


8. “Make the time for your children when they are little, it doesn’t last long. The time you spend with them now will shape them as they grow up and they will appreciate it.” — Anna Casey


9. “As a new parent I am still trying to work it all out, but with the support of my partner and colleagues, I have the freedom and flexibility to run my own show.” — Chris Hetherington



Belinda Martin with her two daughters.


While no two days are the same in the life of a parent, a real estate agent or a portfolio manager, for our team, it’s all about adopting a ‘go with the flow’ attitude and learning to expect the unexpected. With last-minute inspections, unexpected repairs or a child with a cold who needs to be picked up, you never know what your day will be like. But one thing is for sure; with the support of our Hayman Partners’ team, internal structure and processes, and understanding of each other, we continue to do everything we can to help our clients achieve their property desires. 

If you or anyone you know is considering joining Hayman Partners, contact our Operations Manager Belinda Martin at belinda@haymanpartners for a strictly confidential discussion today.