Support your community with a Hayman Partners face mask

Posted in Community, What we do September 3rd 2020

From cancelled travel plans to postponed weddings and everything in between, COVID-19 has undoubtedly had an impact on our plans for 2020. For many people in Canberra, this disruption is inconvenient or upsetting, but for our community organisations, charities and the people that they support, the effect is devastating.

Like most not-for-profits and small businesses, our charity partner, Pegasus Riding for the Disabled ACT, are feeling the squeeze. Pegasus works with some of the most vulnerable people in our community, who are not able to access important physical or mental service provisions because they’re considered high-risk.

Unable to host a community event because of COVID-19 restrictions, our team had to get creative in coming up with a way to raise money for Pegasus.

“We decided to think of ways that we could support Pegasus and benefit the community and our staff all in one hit, and COVID masks made perfect sense,” says Leisa Newman, Hayman Partners Charity Committee Chair.


The decision was inspired by Brett’s family, who are currently in lockdown in Victoria. His mother Kerry and her husband are both in the vulnerable category and had made face masks for people they know to fill the time during their isolation. A quick call during our fundraising meeting and Kerry had enthusiastically agreed to join the Hayman Partners sewing guild to make masks to sell to fundraise for Pegasus.

“It made it real, and even more worthwhile, knowing we were enabling them to do something productive and meaningful in this time of fear and frustration for Melbourne residents,” says Leisa.

“We did a call out to our entire team and asked for volunteers for an after-work sewing session. The Charity Committee and some of the team cut fabric, sewed up a party and hand-tacked for a few hours with heart.”

Our committee member Kathryn took it upon herself to research in her own time the most appropriate fabric and construction requirements. The result is a three-layered fabric mask that helps to filter out as many particles as possible, while still allowing the wearer to breathe.

The experience has been a labour of love for the Hayman Partners team, both in the Canberra real estate office and from Kerry in Melbourne.

“There have been many fun moments, like the laughing we did when we were in full swing around the boardroom table on the first night. Watching us coordinate the workflow was a true insight into why Hayman Partners work so well in delivering services. When one got stuck, another had their back. If one wasn’t sure what to do, there were many hands offered to show them the ropes.”

The resulting masks are on offer for $10 per unit and 100% of the profits will go to Pegasus Riding for the Disabled ACT. We have two mask options to cater to people’s preferences: one with nose support wire, and one without. There are small, medium and large sizes available, each of which is individually bagged to ensure minimal handling.

“It’s a tough time for so many, and we at Hayman Partners hope that in some way, the sale of our masks help people in the community to feel a little safer when out and about, and that money raised from the sale helps those who benefit from Pegasus services,” says Leisa.

You can purchase your mask at the Hayman Partners office in Curtin by cash only, or by making a direct deposit to Pegasus’ bank account and providing proof of purchase when arriving to select a mask. If you’d prefer to have your mask posted, get in touch with our team.

Direct Deposit Details:
Name: Riding for Disabled
BSB: 032 712
Account Number: 112218