Taking the trauma out of finding your next rental property

Posted in Insights July 7th 2023

No matter where you are in the country at the moment, finding a rental property can be tough. Barely a day goes by without the term ‘rental crisis’ popping up somewhere, which can be quite daunting, especially if you need to find a rental quickly. In Canberra, however, we are seeing quite the opposite but it still can be a challenging process which is where we can help.

If you are currently trying to find a rental property, Hayman Partners’ Business Development Manager, Annette Clarke, says there’s plenty you can do to help make the journey to your next rental smoother. And it starts before you ever set foot in any potential home.

First, you’ll need to know where to find rental properties.

Whether you’re applying for a rental property for the first time or you’ve done it before, it’s crucial to start your search on the front foot and find out about listings as soon as they pop up. Sign up for property alerts on real estate portals and with TenantApp, which allows you to refine your search and will keep you up to date with new rental properties daily.

It can also help to connect directly with real estate agencies and property managers.

“You can get in touch with our rental team directly and let us know what you are looking for. That way, we can check to see what we have available, and it may possibly lead to an off-market rental,” says Annette.

“When you come to one of our rental inspections, our system will also help you out by sending you similar property listings within the areas you are looking in.”

Annette says it’s also important to know your budget and what you’re looking for and to read property listings thoroughly. When you do find a property you’re interested in, you need to register your interest so you can then go ahead and inspect the property. And if you want to give yourself the best chance of securing it, it helps to put your best foot forward.

“Be on time for the inspection. Rental inspections are only 15 minutes, and the leasing consultant is always on a tight time schedule, so being late disrupts our entire day,” says Annette.

“And just like with anything, good manners will get you a long way. You should be polite and well-presented at the inspection.”

The open home is your best opportunity to ask the agent any questions you have and to make sure the property suits your needs.

Find somewhere you like.

Now it’s time to submit an application. And it pays to make sure you do it properly.

“Fill in the application correctly with all of the correct reference contact details. We suggest you also give your referees a heads up that we will be contacting them, as the quicker we get references back, the quicker we get your application to the owner for consideration,” says Annette.

“You’re welcome to submit an application prior to the inspection if you wish. However, we do not process applications prior to you inspecting the property.”


Are you searching for rental properties in Canberra? View our latest rental listings, or get in touch with our rental team for more information.