The hilarious hazards that come with being a sales agent

Posted in Our people June 17th 2022

When you work with people and properties, you never know what your day will look like. So, we wondered, what are some of our sales teams’ funniest days? Here’s what Rick and Tina Meir, Grace Basser-Silk, Brett Hayman and Maddy Hoare had to say.


1. Stilettos and open homes

Stilettos and open homes are one of the most epic combinations with too many unpredictable situations. While Team Haymans’ Sales Associate, Grace, was trying her best to look poised, she had a challenging time navigating the pebble driveways and gaps in the deck at one of their open homes. However, after all that she endured, she decided to swap the stilettoes for a pair of shoes that were presentable and comfy. We can all agree that it’s a difficult combination to find.

Grace Basser-Silk Hayman Partners

Grace, who now wears chunky heels at open homes.


2. Chews-day photos

Rick and Tina recalled a time when they turned up to a property with a photographer in preparation for marketing. The owners had placed some new cushions on their outdoor setting and left their dogs in the same area. Needless to say, the backyard looked like a snowstorm. Rick and Tina cleaned it up in no time, and the results and photos looked amazing.


3. Gardener or sales agent?

Being in real estate sometimes also comes with many added responsibilities, some serious, some funny, and being a gardener when required! On Maddy’s first day and open home with Hayman Partners, she really put in the hard work and mowed the lawns to ensure the backyard was tidy and presentable. It was quite hilarious—hats off to Maddy for getting the job done!

Maddy Hoare Hayman Partners

Maddy, getting stuck into the lawn for an open home!


4. The dog ate my suit

In real estate, you can never anticipate what will happen next, and despite Brett’s decades-long experience in the industry, neither can he! While conducting an appraisal, the homeowners’ dog ran wild after getting a wash, resulting in the dog biting Brett on the ankle and putting two holes in his new suit. While highly inconvenient, these situations don’t stop our agents. Brett set it aside and continued being the professional he is.


Our team face so many hilarious situations while conducting open homes or a new listing. It certainly is not an easy job, but we are up for many more challenges, and our end goal is to provide our clients with the most incredible experience during an open home, a showing, or an auction!