Why Team Members Return and Appreciate Their Time at Hayman

Posted in Insights October 25th 2023

Part one.

This two-part series of “insider’s perspective” offers valuable insights into what makes Hayman Partners such a special workplace for its team members. It showcases unique aspects that attract former team members back to the company, how it retains great staff and highlights the qualities that make Hayman Partners a standout real estate employer in Canberra.

We’ve spoken with some of our current Hayman Partners team members who returned and/or relocated, as well as some who have come and gone, and still miss being a part of the team today.

What you will note is recurring themes in these interviews. Some of the interviews highlight the supportive culture at Hayman Partners and how team members appreciate the friendly and supportive environment. They also spotlight the fact that everyone in the team is approachable, willing to offer advice, and ready to lend a helping hand.

Lisa Coleborne: Lisa commenced as a Property Manager, ending her 3rd term of service as the department manager. She is now (with her husband) running a successful local swim school and raising 2 sets of twins.

“You came in every day and had the pleasure of working with colleagues you could call great friends. It was fun yes, but it was also a feeling of belonging, being supported and having another family who is looking out for you, and you are looking out for them. If anyone had a problem, the entire team would stop what they were doing to help. The way the team respected each other, respected each other’s positions in the company and still made you feel like nothing was a burden was quite remarkable, like a unicorn”.


Brie Wisbey: Brie came to Canberra and Hayman Partners with industry experience. She left to follow her heart and has since tried 2 other agencies. However, she has chosen to leave the industry because “no other office has lived up to my experience at Hayman Partners”


When asked about what Brie thought about the culture and camaraderie during your time at Hayman Partners, she made her points very precise and heartfelt. “Where do I start! The support was amazing, fantastic, inspiring, and nurturing. Nothing was too much trouble. My managers sensed my nerves immediately with needing to learn new legislation having moved states. They put up with me,” she laughed. “The questions, the mistakes, my loudness once I came out of my shell. It’s these little things I look back on happily.


I also loved the 1:1 meetings where management would check in on me, ensuring I was on track, to see if I needed anything. This was also where they gave me constructive feedback to help me develop in my role. They knew exactly the right time to bring things to my attention and didn’t do it in front of everyone, knowing something could make me feel uncomfortable. No other company has provided this all-encompassing level of support. It truly felt like we were a team and not working as an individual against the ‘world’, so to speak”.

The interviewees highlighted that the management genuinely cares about their employees, recognises the needs of families and values personal growth and skills development by empowering and encouraging continual improvement of employee’s skill sets.

When Lisa was asked how she found her relationship with the owners of Hayman Partners she responded, “Owners or family? HP will forever hold a special place with me; they were my family for almost 10 years, and I still think of them as family.

“The owners of HP always supported me and backed me. They gave me a chance to prove myself as a manager when the opportunity came up, and I’ve learnt so much from them… things I hope to carry on now as an owner of my own business.

“An example of extraordinary support they showed me was when my husband’s business was shut down for Covid (being a swim school he was first to shut down, and last to re-open) when I was working part-time. They immediately increased my hours to full-time without hesitation, despite what that meant for them in terms of extra income needed to increase my wages… when so many other agencies let people go. This helped my family through a really stressful time”.



Maddy Hoare: Originally a personal assistant for 2 agents who are no longer with Hayman Partners. Maddy’s role was made redundant when they left. But, when a new operational position with the company arose, Maddy was the first person to be contacted to see if it would be of interest to her.


“The decision to leave Hayman was not mine at the time. I was made redundant because the Agents I worked for left the company and didn’t have a position for me where they went. The owners and team made it known that they were sad to see me leaving when that happened. So was I.


“Then they contacted me about 5-weeks later and offered me a position working for our Operations Manager as her assistant. I’m now doing a huge variety of things that I wouldn’t have done in my old position. I’m developing my skills every day doing so many different and new things. Some are really challenging, others I’m totally at ease with. I’m really excited about my career future because I’m being exposed to so much variety”.

Maddy went on to explain, “…it made me feel special considering what I’d been through with the redundancy, that the owners believed in me enough to offer me an advanced position at Hayman Partners without even advertising to see if anyone else would be suitable”.


Be sure to stay tuned for the second part of this series to look into what more of the team share with you about their personal experience at Hayman Partners.


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