2003 v 2019: The Curtin transformation that has our office in awe

Posted in Uncategorised July 18th 2019

Joe and Ana Maria remember the day they were finally able to use the “new” bathroom.

The couple, prior to having their children, had been living in the original house at number 14 Throssell Street, Curtin, for several years while Joe, an A-Class builder, designed and built an extension larger than the original house into the backyard.

The much-anticipated new bathroom, part of the extension, featured an underhung bath and vanity, concealed shower drain and stunning, high quality fittings.

“It was a welcome oasis in the home that we were living in as we rebuilt it,” Ana Maria recalls.

To say the re-creation of the home at 14 Throssell Street, Curtin, is breathtaking is an understatement. The couple purchased the house in 2003; a three bedroom, single bathroom, orange brick home, typical of mid-1960s suburban Canberra.

They lived in the original home while two bedrooms, a bathroom, a new kitchen, a huge family room and new home theatre were added.

The Manzanos then moved into the new area while the original home was almost completely demolished and rebuilt.

The original home was redesigned to include a master bedroom with walk-through wardrobe, double-basined ensuite, formal living and dining, an office, laundry, workshop and garage.

“The only parts of the original home that stayed was the corner wall of the master bedroom and about 40 per cent of the sub-floor construction and roof,” Joe explains.

 “We definitely went way beyond a renovation, and the attention to detail produced what is our dream family home.”

Plasterboard bulkheads, new timber floors, concealed motorised roller shutters and a modern colour palette were just a few features that ensured the home flowed into one, cohesive experience.

The most exciting moment of the house’s transformation, says Joe, was when the hoarding between stages one and two of the re-build was removed and the home became one.

While the family has loved living on Throssell Street, after 16 years, it’s time for a change.

“When you’ve spent every spare hour for six years creating a home as beautiful as this, it’s hard to leave,” Joe admits.

 “But we know another family is going to move in and have the pleasure of living in this home as we have.”

14 Throssell Street, Curtin, will be auctioned on Saturday 3 August. View the listing here.