6 Canberra baths fit for a (battle-weary) Khaleesi

Posted in Uncategorised May 19th 2019

So much fighting, so little time. As the battles continue to rage on Game of Thrones, we’re already thinking ahead to when Daenerys takes her rightful place on The Iron Throne.
The Mother of Dragons is going to want to relax, so we’ve pulled together a list of the best baths we have on the market.

1. This deluxe bath in Garran (19a Brereton Street)

A huge freestanding tub surrounded by three different types of stone. It could almost be direct from the Thrones set.
View the listing here.

2. This beauty in a quiet corner of Canberra (15 Young Street, Barton)

Royalty deserves iconic locations and this beautiful bath in the corner of a 1960s home in Barton is about as iconic as it gets in Canberra.
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3. This royal bath requiring a step up (39 Empire Circuit, Forrest)

This stunning bathroom is the feature of a royal residence on Empire Circuit. Yes, it’s ultra-glam, and there are mirrors for both Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow.
Click here to see the whole house.

4. This masterpiece from 1965 (12 Morgan Crescent, Curtin)

This one just rates a mention because we love it – it’s so retro and SO PINK
View the rest of the house’s retro charm here.

5. This glamorous place to soak in Holder (29a Williamson Street)

The perfect place for soaking as your servants wash you, braid your hair and fan you off when you step out. In the perfect location of Holder. ACT.
View the listing here.

6. A splash of colour to splash in (5 Daglish Street, Curtin)

Super deep tub? Check. Yellow honeycomb feature wall? Check. A bathroom fit for a queen.
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