Boost your chance of rental success with these ten tips

Posted in Resources November 9th 2020

Whether it’s your very first rental application or you’ve renting for years, applying for a property is an exciting and sometimes nerve-wracking time.

To help get your rental application to the top of the pile, here are our top ten tips for renting, courtesy of our portfolio management team:

Hayman Partners Canberra - Portfolio management team

1. “Let your references know we will be contacting them.” – Kelly Murphy.

Giving your references a little warning can help prevent the property manager from catching them off guard when we contact them. Letting them know ahead of time means they have time to consider their response, which is likely to produce a better outcome for everyone involved.

2. “Make sure the contact information provided for references is correct and up to date. This will assist with a quicker turnaround.” – Lisa Coleborne.

It seems simple, but you’d be surprised at how often we receive outdated or incorrect contact details. This tip goes hand-in-hand with step number one: when you let your references know that we’ll be contacting them and double-check that the contact details you have are up to date.

3. “Be organised. Make sure to have ALL supporting documentation required for an application ready to go before you even start to look. This ensures that when renters find a property they like, they can supply a complete application that can be fully assessed in a timely fashion.” – Michelle Pendergast.

Time is of the essence when you’re applying for a rental property, as the owner is understandably keen to have someone living in their property sooner rather than later. It really does pay to be prepared and make sure that you have all of your documentation ready from the get-go.

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4. “Ensure you are well presented and friendly at the inspection and be sure to introduce yourself to the real estate agent. It’s important to stand out from the other tenants. Make sure you tell your agent something about yourself so that they remember you. It is then a good idea to follow up with an email the next day to reiterate the meeting you had and how much you love the home.” – Elle Earley.

In business and life, first impressions count — and applying for a rental property is no exception! There’s no need to show up in a tuxedo or gown, but looking clean and tidy is a good idea. Agents are people, and being friendly and personable can leave a lasting impression and help with your application.

5. “Write an introduction letter for your pets with as much information as possible.” – Brie Wisbey.

Pets are part of your family, and the agent and owner are just as interested in knowing about your pets as they are about you. Sharing lots of information can help us to assess whether your pet is the right fit for the property.

6. “Tell us a bit about yourself! Owners like to know about their tenants.” – Natalie Harper.

We know there’s more to you than how long you’ve been working in your current role, or how much you take home each fortnight. Don’t be afraid to share some more detail about you, your family or your lifestyle to help set you apart.

7. “Once you have found a property, it is good etiquette to withdraw your application from other properties you are no longer interested in so that we know you no longer wish to progress with your application. This also saves unnecessary calls to your references such as your current employer or agent.” – Kathryn Martin.

We all have busy lives, so save everyone some time by being upfront once you’ve secured a rental property.

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8. “We love reading your biography and why our property is right for you, so please take the time to fill out these sections on the application form. It adds a personal touch to your application and gives us some information on you as a person, not just an application number.” – Anna Casey.

Most people don’t just pick any random rental property to apply for. There’s likely a reason that you think that this property is a good match, so be sure to share that in your application.

9. “Try to make your tenancy commencement date as close to the available date of the property as possible. Reduced vacancy for the owner will always make your application more favourable.” – Annaliese Doyle

It’s not always possible, but try to align these two dates as best you can to increase your chances of success.

10. “Ensure that you arrive on time or early to an open home and let the agent know if you are no longer able to attend. This shows that you are reliable and respectful of the agents time and gives you a great image from the get-go.” – Grace Beal

Being reliable and respectful are two of the most critical characteristics for tenants, so demonstrating these as early as you can may put you ahead of the curve.