Brett Hayman, according to his wife Leisa

Posted in Our people June 19th 2019

You know the old saying: if you want the real lowdown on someone, talk to their spouse. So, we’ve done just that.
Fresh off the plane from their honeymoon, Brett Hayman’s wife, Leisa, lets us in on the little-known facts about her property powerhouse husband.

1. He’s incredibly generous.

“Not only will he sell his clients’ homes, he’ll also help them to get it ready for the photos if he’s needed, or even move them if he can see they are struggling,” Leisa says.
“I’ve lost count the number of times he’s said Client X is coming to borrow our ute because they need to shift furniture or rubbish.
“He spends a lot of his ‘afternoons off’ helping other people. He says, ‘I’ll be back in half an hour’ and he’ll come home four hours later with an old fridge or a table in the trailer, then he’ll run it out to the tip or donate it for them too.
“It’s just who he is.”

2. His stress threshold is through the roof.

As a silver medal Olympian and someone who has experienced some of life’s greatest challenges, Brett’s life experience means he functions “at an entirely different level”.
“Brett’s competitiveness helped him to enter a special league of athletes, which means he’s a ‘top five per cent in the world’ kind of person in terms of energy and resilience,” Leisa says.
“There are times when I have to remind him – when he doesn’t understand why someone may be not pushing through a situation the way he does – that he’s built differently to most of us.”
But on the positive side, his high threshold for stress means Brett also rarely loses his temper.
“Not a lot gets under his skin thankfully,” Leisa admits.

3. He does his fair share at home. Without complaining.

Say what?
“When we moved in together a few years ago, Brett said, ‘I have no problems doing any housework, but I probably won’t see what needs to be done’.
“Here I was thinking he was just trying to get out of his fair share. But then he went on to say, ‘so all you need to do is tell me what it is that you need me to do okay?’
“So, if I ask him to pop on a load of washing or fold the clothes or take the garbage out, he doesn’t give me grief at all”
Those who know Leisa and Brett well already know that without fail “Brett cooks at our house, because I’m just not committed to it”.  And Brett loves to tell stories about Leisa’s numerous cooking failures.
“So for me, it’s so much easier just not to give him any additional ammunition,” she laughs.
“Even after an 8am to 8pm day, he’ll walk in the door and take charge of the kitchen, thankfully.”

4. He mows the lawn to clear his head.

“That’s his downtime,” Leisa explains.
“I learnt very quickly that he’d walk in the door and say, ‘I’m just going out to mow the lawn’ and I’m like, really? Do you really need to do that right now? But its his thing to do and it helps to clear his head of anything playing on his mind.
“It takes him all of 15 minutes, he’s perfected his technique, and then he’s back in the house and he will have completely changed channels. It’s like he’s left the day at work and he’s moving on.”

5. He’s a golf caddy Daddy.

For 11-year-old son Josh Hayman, an aspiring golfer.
“On his rare Sundays off, you’ll find Brett on the golf course too, pushing Josh’s buggy around,” Leisa laughs.
“At least he’s got a Plan B if his real estate career falters.”
Brett is also stepdad to Regan, aged 12.
“He’s on a very steep learning curve trying to catch up on what makes her tick. He’s definitely committed to the cause and tries with all his might,” Leisa says.

6. He strictly abides by one rule.

“The only rule we have is that he’s doesn’t walk into the house after work while talking on his phone,” Leisa says.
“It doesn’t matter if he sits in the garage for half an hour finishing a call, so long as when he walks in the door, he’s 100% available and focused on the kids.
“If he needs to jump back on a call once he’s left the room, that’s absolutely fine, it’s what he needs to do to be as good as he is in our industry.”

7. He’s the host with the most.

The newlyweds’ weekends are packed, but so are many of their weeknights too. Brett and Leisa entertain up to four nights a week and Brett would probably host even more often if he could.
“It’s who Brett is, it’s him by nature, and it took me a little while to catch up,” Leisa admits.