Fascinating features from 9 properties we’ve just listed

Posted in Current listings October 31st 2019

From a fluoro yellow benchtop and a Tuscan style bar to an ‘exposed’ courtyard shower, these are the features that have our office talking.

1. This shower in a courtyard in Curtin.

You don’t need to live in the bush to enjoy an exposed shower with a view. The owners of this Curtin property have done a stunning job of fully renovating this bathroom, including a corner shower with a view! Never fear – the courtyard is fully enclosed so the rest of the house won’t see you in the buff.

If you can see yourself enjoying a long scrub in this gorgeous shower before (or after) work, check out the listing here.

2. This retro benchtop capitalising on the ‘lemon’ trend.

There’s a huge trend in ‘citrus’ in interior design right now but if placing a few lemons strategically around your home doesn’t cut it, you can buy this house (also in Curtin) with a vintage 1960s yellow benchtop.

Reminds us of an era when you drank cordial from Tupperware in mustard, chocolate brown and avocado green and watched Skippy religiously.

3. This private Tuscan-style bar in Wanniassa.

It’s no secret that our entire office finds this sprawling home on Harbison Crescent absolutely fascinating and this mini Tuscan bar tucked away at the top of a set of stairs is just one of the reasons why. 

Built for an intimate moment for two, it’s the ultimate spot to relajarse (the Spanish form of relaxing) this summer. Just pour a tall glass of sangria over fresh fruit and enjoy!

4. This resort-style spa room in Chapman.

If you want to feel like you’re living in a resort, this one’s for you. The five-bedroom home on Beaumont Crescent, Chapman, features a pool, a sauna and a spa in its own sunroom – enough space to spend the entire weekend with a stack of magazines, some great music and at least 10 friends.

5. This black kitchen in Curtin (and literally the entire home that comes with it).

This home on Morgan Crescent, Curtin, is literally a monochrome dream – including this bold galley-style kitchen in 50 shades of black. Check out the rest of the home’s stunning interiors here.

6. This red pool in an apartment complex in Wright.

It almost looks like a stunning water feature from the war memorial or the National Gallery of Australia. But if you purchase this apartment on Philip Hodgins Street in Wright, you could enjoy a few laps before work or on the weekend over the upcoming summer.

7. This excellent space for a snooker competition in Conder.

No words needed. And there’s an excellent hot tub right next door for when you’ve sunk every billiard. View the listing here.

8. This true blue kitchen in the inner south.

We’ve sold homes with purple, orange and LOTS of mission brown kitchens but blue is truly unique. This moody and modern room is the heart of a two-bedroom apartment currently for sale on Canberra Avenue in Griffith.

9. This pink bathtub from your 1960s childhood.

Hands up if you grew up being bathed at night in a pastel blue, pink or mint green bathtub? Chances are your house was built in the 1960s and if you’d love a tub just like that for your own kids, check out this listing in Curtin. (Oh, and you also get the retro yellow benchtop mentioned in point 2 free of charge!)

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