Frequently asked questions from tenants and landlords

Posted in Insights, Resources February 24th 2023

Whether this is your first or third rental property, or you’re an investor renting out their first investment property. No matter your situation, you’re bound to have some questions. To make things easier for you, our Property Management team has combined some of the most frequently asked questions our tenants or landlords have asked us.

Anthony McCormack at Hayman Partners

1. How often can you increase the rent?

Rent cannot be increased at intervals of less than 12 months. Landlords must give tenants at least eight weeks’ written notice of a rent increase. In a fixed-term lease, the increase date must be outside the term dates.

2. How will you find the perfect tenant/s for my property?

Our leasing consultant will meet all potential tenants when conducting open homes for the property. Our leasing team will then closely assess whether the property will be a right fit for those who have applied for the property. Once the applications have been processed and the references have been called for each, we take all applications to the owner, who will decide which applicant to approve of living at the property.

3. How many routines can be conducted yearly?

A landlord is allowed to inspect a property twice every 12 months. The landlord can also conduct an inspection within the first month of the tenancy and within the last month.

4. What maintenance is the tenant responsible for, and what is the landlord responsible for?

If there is a noticeable impact or damage that has occurred during a tenancy, it usually falls under the tenant. General upkeep, such as a globe, also falls under the tenant. If the damage falls under general wear and tears due to ageing, this will fall under an owner to repair. However, maintenance can always be a grey area, so it is best to ask your property manager first.

5. How much notice must a tenant provide if they are on a periodic tenancy?

A periodic lease is a month to month. In the ACT, tenants are only required to give 21 days’ notice in writing.

6. What is the process if my tenant requests to keep a pet at the property? 

If the tenant requests to keep a pet at the property, they must write to the lessor to ask for consent. If the lessor refuses to consent, they will be required to apply to the ACT Civil and Administrative Tribunal for approval.

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