Hayman Partners versus an artwork challenge

Posted in Insights, Our people, What we do January 15th 2023

The Campaign

At Hayman Partners, we don’t do anything in halves, and we followed the same ethos in our latest campaign we titled, Taskmasters. Drawing on inspiration from the hilariously silly British show, Taskmasters, we embarked on a cross-company campaign that saw our team members performing a series of tasks about Hayman Partners, Canberra, the real estate industry and managing situations with animals and children in the mix.


The campaign saw our whole team—directors, sales agents, property management, and operations—thrive while uniting, collaborating, supporting, celebrating and cheering each other to complete their challenges! It captured the genuine reactions and relationships between the team members to show who they really are.


The message of this campaign is, “Partners with you and partners in everything we do”. Life is a journey, and having a partner throughout major milestones is essential. The journey of selling and buying a home is no exception. We were confident that Canberra knew about our commitment to partner with them but wondered if they truly knew that we partner with each other for our clients and community. So, we thought we would show them.


Hayman Partners Real Estate Canberra

Sue Killalea, Grace Basser-Silk, Prinka Dhingra, and Annette Clarke with their beautiful artworks of Canberra landmarks.


The Artwork Challenge

Our fine art challenge was one of our more complex tasks, as there were many factors our participants needed to be mindful of. Given the task required Canberra knowledge and fine motor and creative skills, a challenge of this nature best suited Sue Killalea, Grace Basser-Silk, Prinka Dhingra, and Annette Clarke. Before the challenge, we released minimal information, such as when and where to meet and recommendations about suitable clothing.


In the artwork task, we first fitted Annette, Grace, Prinka and Sue with smocks, which gave the ladies a strong sense of what kind of activity they would be undertaking. We started filming as soon as the ladies walked into the challenge arena. We watched their faces as they saw carefully laid-out easels, canvases, paintbrushes, and paints. Their challenge, however, was to use the materials provided to create a beautiful piece of art that replicated a Canberra landmark. The kicker was that the ladies would move to a new artwork every two minutes and pick up where the previous artist finished. Only the person that started painting knew what the artwork was supposed to be! 


All the artworks the team shared in creating were incredible! And, what is most important, was that they all worked together to produce something fabulous. Watch the video below to see their final artwork, and guess what they thought they were painting!

If you or anyone you know is considering joining Hayman Partners, contact our Operations Manager, Belinda, today at belinda@haymanpartners.