(Horo)Scope out 2023: What Canberra suburb or property does your star sign show?

Posted in Current listings, Insights January 3rd 2023

The new year symbolises new beginnings, and with that comes new goal-setting. Some develop their plans after learning what the stars have lined up for them. So, let’s do the same for Canberra property! Based on the Encyclopedia Britannica’s star signs, here are our recommendations on what your perfect Canberra property looks like.


1. Capricorn: 22 December–19 January | Zodiac: Goat ♑ | Element: Earth

Capricorn’s most valuable resource is time. As a goat, you enjoy climbing with patience, perseverance, and dedication. This means location is more important than property. You will happily live in any property but thrive in Tuggeranong—walking and climbing amongst the mountains.


2. Aquarius: 20 January–18 February | Zodiac: Water Bearer ♒ | Element: Air

Aquarius’ are progressive and innovative. As water bearers, you are the most humanitarian—bestowing water, or life, upon the land. You live to make the world better, so your home has an ‘open-door policy’. Your ideal property is anywhere in the ACT, but an older classic Canberra home—a big house on a big block.


3. Pisces: 19 February–20 March | Zodiac: Fish ♓ | Element: Water

Pisces’ are the most sensitive, intuitive, and empathetic sign. You absorb everyone’s feelings but live between fantasy and reality. The constant division of your attention means your home needs an inner sanctuary (preferably with water) to fantasise and get away from everyone’s emotions. Look for homes anywhere in the ACT but with BIG baths, spas or pools!


4. Aries: 21 March–19 April | Zodiac: Ram ♈ | Element: Fire

Aries’ loves to be number one. As a dynamic fire sign, you are no strangers to competition. You are bold, ambitious and love a challenge. You can live anywhere in the ACT but need a renovator’s dream! This fits your bill completely.

Like 38 Pandanus Street, Fisher an ideal opportunity for renovators.Like 38 Pandanus Street, Fisher an ideal opportunity for renovators.


5. Taurus: 20 April–20 May | Zodiac: Bull ♉ | Element: Earth

Taurus’ loves to live in the moment. Represented by the bull, you love relaxing in serene, pastoral environments surrounded by soothing aromas, sounds, and succulent flavours. You need 1+ acre-sized property with a beautiful garden, likely in the Canberra Region.


6. Gemini: 21 May–21 June | Zodiac: Twins ♊ | Element: Air

Geminis are best characterised as an experience. You are playful, spontaneous, insatiably curious and adorably erratic. Symbolised by the celestial twins, you have so many pursuits your sign doubled itself. You prefer the City, but you can live anywhere in the ACT—in a duplex or a multi-storey home with a habitable level on every floor.


7. Cancer: 22 June–22 July | Zodiac: Crab ♋ | Element: Water

Represented by the crab, Cancer’s are highly intuitive. Much like the crustacean, protection is key, and trust is everything. Soft and sensitive on the inside, you will do whatever it takes to protect yourself emotionally. You need Canberra’s classic red brick homes; strong, protective and able to weather any storm or season.


8. Leo: 23 July–22 August | Zodiac: Lion ♌ | Element: Fire

Make way for the rulers of the celestial jungle Leos. You are passionate, theatrical, fiery, loyal, and dramatic, but most importantly, you love the spotlight. You require a house with many mirrors, a raised platform, and a fire pit. If you have that, you can choose anywhere in Canberra to call home!

287 Harolds Cross Road in Captains Flat has the perfect fireplace and stage for our Leo signs.287 Harolds Cross Road in Captains Flat has the perfect fireplace and stage for our Leo signs.

9. Virgo: 23 August–22 September | Zodiac: Virgin ♍ | Element: Earth

Virgos are the ultimate do-ers. You are logical, practical, systematic and deeply rooted in the material world, but a perfectionist. It does not matter where you live in Canberra but buy land and build a home from scratch. Only a home you co-designed, built, and project-managed will suffice.


10. Libra: 23 September–23 October | Zodiac: Balance ♎ | Element: Air

Libra energy is balance, justice and harmony. Represented by the scales, you are full of love to give but fixated on establishing equilibriums and symmetry, particularly with love. Your home is no exception—it can be anywhere in Canberra but balanced with inviting spaces to give your friends for your big and loving heart.


11. Scorpio: 24 October–21 November | Zodiac: Scorpion ♏ | Element: Water

Mysterious and elusive is Scorpio, one of the most misunderstood signs. You are a wise water sign with a determination and focus rarely seen in other zodiac signs. Given your nocturnal and covert behaviour, you like a penthouse apartment or battleaxe property in Canberra’s remote suburbs—like Banks or Amaroo.


12. Sagittarius: 22 November–21 December | Zodiac: Archer ♐ | Element: Water

Sagittarius’ are fearless fire signs. You have a thirst for knowledge and life. Like an arrow, you spear through life, chasing after geographical, intellectual, and spiritual adventures. It does not matter where you are in Canberra; you need a low-cost, low-maintenance apartment, as we will rarely find you there.

411/25 Edinburgh Avenue, Acton: The perfect apartment for a globetrotter.411/25 Edinburgh Avenue, Acton: The perfect apartment for a globetrotter.


Wherever you are in your selling or buying property journey, may this horoscope help you understand what kind of property you’re looking for! We wish you a fortuitous and prosperous 2023, Canberra!