Meet the gorgeous pooches behind our people

Posted in Our people June 5th 2019

It goes without saying that here at Hayman Partners we have some of the best property staff in Canberra.
But why profile our outstanding team when we could just as easily write about their puppies. We’re pretty sure our gorgeous dogs tell you more about the kind of people we are than our LinkedIn profiles ever could.
So ladies and gentlemen, we give you … the Dogs of Hayman Partners. Woof!

Emily Antill, sales assistant, with (not so) Tiny

Since welcoming Tiny into her life five months ago, Emily’s had to start paying close attention when she’s preparing dinner.
At just seven months old, Tiny – a purebred Harlequin Great Dane – is already tall enough to help himself to whatever he likes off the kitchen bench.
“He’s cheeky but so so loveable,” Emily says.
“He falls asleep on the couch with his head on your lap, he’s the best for cuddles and keeping us warm.”
Tiny weighs 50kg but is expected to weigh closer to 80kg when fully grown. His ironic name comes from his dad, the original Tiny.

Rumble and Saus Man (pooches of business development and portfolio manager Elle Earley)

If Elle’s dogs were celebrities, they’d be Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito.
“Rumble’s a giant Ridgeback cross Great Dane, he think he’s human, he’s our protector,” Elle says.
“Saus Man on the other hand is a purebred miniature sausage – a tiny, high-energy and cheeky baby.
“And he’s totally gangster. It’s like he walks past Rumble and eyes him off with ‘you want a piece of this?’”
According to Elle, Rumble’s so big that when he hangs out under the dining table “he walks away and the entire table goes with him”, while the Saus Man’s view from ground level means he’s distracted by literally everything.
“We’ll send him outside to do a wee and he’ll get distracted – by the pool, the garden, the leaves, a bird, a few flies – then he’ll head back inside and do his wee.“ Sigh.

Sales agents Rick and Tina Meir, with Ruby

Six-year-old Labrador Ruby loves swimming, chasing a tennis ball and learned early on the understand the words “tummy” and “tickle”.
“When you ask her if she would like a tummy tickle, she drops to the ground on her back with her paws in the air, her stomach at the ready,” Tina laughs.
But she does have one habit that the Meirs find a little frustrating.
“When we walk her around the lake (bridge to bridge), she always seems to do a poo on the side where there are no bins for absolute ages,” Tina says.
“”So we also have to take the blue poo bag for a lengthy walk.”

Operations manager Rochelle Roberts and Oscar (Pup)

Rochelle’s the first to admit that Oscar could be the most spoilt dog in Australia.
“Note in our photo, Oscar is sitting on a chair while I’m standing,” she says.
“He thinks everything that enters the house is his.”
Rochelle loves “everything” about Oscar.
“Like a true mama, I think the little rat dog is the most beautiful dog in the entire world … haircut needed or not.”

Sales consultant Martin Faux and his Golden Retriever, Jackson

“He’s definitely an old man now,” Marty says of 14-year-old Golden Retriever, Jackson.
“He groans every time he lays down.”
Caring for an older dog is a challenge, Marty admits, but some things never change.
“The unconditional love is always there.”

Principal Brett Hayman and Buzz the Cavoodle

Brett’s pooch Buzz is a busy Cavoodle with the kind of energy that matches his owner’s.
Buzz insists on going everywhere with the family – even to do “the school run” and he loves nothing more than a quick trip into the Hayman Partners office in Curtin.
“I’ve always owned big dogs,” Brett says. “Buzz is the first small dog in our family. I didn’t realise how much easier they are to have as a part of your family during everyday activities.”
Buzz is a cuddler, and will place his top paws around your leg if you’re standing or put his head in and snuggle tight leaning his whole body on you.
“He’s also an attention seeker,” Brett laughs. “He growls quite emotionally and loudly at guests once they’re inside the house until they pat him. He needs to be acknowledged.”

Emily Kelly, business development manager, and Rusty

Rusty the King Charles Cavalier cross Poodle is the kind of pup who doesn’t know his own strength.
“He chases lizards, catches them and wants play but unfortunately ends up biting a bit too hard,” Emily says.
While he’s famous for barking at the back door until he’s let in, he’s also super affectionate – always jumping up looking for an ear rub.
“He’s definitely part of the family.”

Louie, pooch of portfolio manager Taylah Zasiadczyk

At age 15, gorgeous Schnauzer cross Poodle Louie is the oldest Hayman Partners dog.
He’s affectionately known as the “Roomba Vac” at home – because he’s famous for crashing into things.
“Louie is diabetic and mostly blind, so he does tend to crash into things – including people if they stand still long enough,” Taylah laughs.
“We’ve always loved his lopsided ears and I love getting a warm welcome and a cuddle when I get home.”