The houses with stunning summer ‘moments’ you can buy right now

Posted in Community, Current listings, Uncategorised November 18th 2021

Summer is right around the corner, which means one thing—it’s house buying time. Why now? You’ll have time to get in and settle into your new home before Christmas—and before the summer heat arrives! So, let’s look at the homes with the most stunning summer ‘moments’ we have listed right now.


A truly un-bar-lievable home 

What does your classic Australian summer look like? If it’s heading down to your local for a cold one, then this Gowrie home has your name on it! How much more local can you get than home?! The property at 7 Currey St has you forgetting all about the pub because you’re living it up on the bar in your deck! A change we’re sure your other half will be very pleased about!

An easy, breezy, and beautiful bathroom

The cross ventilation in this bathroom quite literally stopped us in our tracks. We can’t think of a better bathroom for summer. Imagine it—you’ve just purchased this amazing home in Torrens, it’s peak summer temperatures in Canberra; hot, dry and sticky, and you run a cool bath. You pop Adele on, open the doors and the window, let that hot breeze wash over you. What an amazing summer afternoon!

This home is the Christmas lunch special

What a vision. This Christmas-ready home in Curtin is the ultimate place your family can hold all its summer festivities. Soaking in natural beauty and light, the only thing this deck needs is you (possibly in a hammock with a cocktail)! This backyard is so majestic you’ll forget all about the south coast!

What’s a summer party without a firepit?

We love this Garran home because it’s beautiful, spacious, and light. But the cherry on top for us is the vegetable garden and the firepit—which are right next to each other! Why is that an amazing summer moment? Because you can eat delicious fresh food straight from the garden, then flame-grill it over the fire! Summer is the season for chargrilled sweet corn, capsicum and tomato (to name a few).

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