The most coveted property features of 2020

Posted in Current listings, What we do December 20th 2019

Stunning kitchens and bathrooms, landscaped gardens and single level dwellings are always in huge demand in the capital, but what are the details expected to command the most attention in the new year?

Property experts Hayman Partner have pulled together the Top 5 most coveted property features of 2020. How many does your home have?

1. Proximity to really really good coffee.

Fox and Bow Cafe, Farrer, Woden Valley, property near cafe

Fox and Bow Cafe in Farrer is favourite for people in Woden Valley.

Beyond describing the number of bedrooms, bathrooms and garages a property has, Hayman Partners sales consultant Tom Beinke is starting to add proximity to a great cafe as a key feature of his listings. “We’re pretty spoiled for choice in Canberra,” Tom admits. “And some of our best cafes are actually out in the suburbs. Think Fox and Bow in Farrer, A Bite to Eat in Chifley and Knox in Watson.” If you’re thinking of selling in 2020 and you’re close to an excellent latte, you’re already one step ahead.

2. A space in which to do absolutely nothing.

Beaumont Close, Chapman, retreat room, chill zone

This listing in Beaumont Close, Chapman, had what could only be described as a dream yoga room. The house is under offer.

Some call it a retreat, some call it a chillout zone – but whatever you call it, more and more Canberrans are looking for it. Homes with a dedicated room or area for yoga, meditation and general mindfulness will be in huge demand in 2020. “Buyers are looking for a room with great ventilation, away from the busy areas of the home and with minimal technology,” says Hayman Partners sales consultant Tina Meir. Namaste.

3. A resort-style backyard.

dunlop, backyard, resort property

The resort-style pool and deck combination of this property in Dunlop helped us achieve the suburb record in October.

The new decade will be much less about Hills Hoists, a small tin shed and huge expanse of lawn and more about pools, spas, outdoor kitchens and a stunning deck. Buyers across the region are loving homes that are pure luxury both inside and out; with beautiful outdoor areas not only adding space to a home’s footprint but providing much-needed downtime in the great outdoors.

4. Super clever storage solutions.

butler’s pantry, handle-free storage, 98 Edgeworth Parade in Coombs

A minimalist dream: the butler’s pantry and handle-free storage of current listing 98 Edgeworth Parade in Coombs.

“People want to exhale when they walk in their front door after the chaos of the day,” says Hayman Partners principal Brett Hayman. “That means clutter-free rooms with storage that’s integrated cleverly into the home.” Butler’s pantries and wine cellars are sought-after storage solutions, but strategically-placed study nooks, well-designed walk-in-robes and handle-free cupboard storage is just as popular.

5. A room with a view.

dining room, Telstra Tower, the parliamentary triangle, apartment. Barton

With a dining room overlooking Telstra Tower and the iconic buildings of the parliamentary triangle, this apartment in Barton was under offer quickly.

People live in the bush capital for a reason, and homes with a view of nature or one of our icons will always be coveted. Just as Canberrans love waking up to great coffee, the first thing they see out their bedroom window can have a huge impact on the kind of day they have. “If you’re in the process of building a new home, make access to great views an absolute priority.” says sales consultant Lauren McDonald.

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