The quirkiest features from houses we have on the market

Posted in Community, Current listings, Uncategorised November 18th 2021

Here at Hayman Partners, we love all things weird, wild, and whacky—and we love to celebrate them too. Here’s a list of homes we currently have listed with the coolest and quirkiest features.

1. Queanbeyan’s 5’0 Cent Flats

Kicking off our quirky adventure is 4/18 Trinculo Place—located in Queanbeyan’s iconic 5’0 cent flats’! Built in 1972, this octagonal block has been a symbol of home to Queanbeyanites for almost 50 years! For a fab read of QBN’s funkiest flats, read this article!

2. A pantry big enough to survive an apocalypse

Our second quirky feature appears in an abode at 18 Rason Pl in Curtin, home to a pantry doomsday preppers would envy. We’re convinced if there was an apocalypse, this pantry would be big enough to sustain a family for months. Unless you’re a family with two or more 6ft+ sized teens, in which case, it’s big enough for a couple of weeks.

3. Mingle Down on Bingle

We’re renaming Bingle St Mingle St because this spectacular home features not only a sunroom but a sunroom with an eight-seater spa! We love this cool space because you can kick the fam out for the weekend, and boom, your sunroom becomes a saucy room. So, for you and your lover, the east wing of this home also doubles as a love nest.

4. Business in the front, party at the back

We’re putting 29 William Hudson Cct on the quirky list because it has TWO fully-equipped kitchens akin to a mullet—business kitchen upstairs, party kitchen at the back. So, if guests randomly pop over, no worries, your kitchen is squeaky clean because you did all the work downstairs in the actual kitchen.

5. Wine Cellar-bration

We’ve put this gorgeous Farrer property on the list because it has an insulated under-house wine cellar fitted with storage and wine racks. More practical than quirky but hey, it’s a fabulous feature we couldn’t ignore!

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