We decided to take the leap… so we launched Hayman Partners

Posted in Uncategorised June 27th 2018

Starting a new company is a tough decision for most. Starting a new, unknown, home-grown real estate brand in a (relatively) flooded real estate market can send shivers down one’s spine.
But not so for Business Partners Brett Hayman and Shane and Sue Killalea.
Having spent the most part of the last 15 years working side by side, doing what they love to do (meeting people and helping them with their real estate needs), the decision to start Hayman Partners was in fact an easy one.
“With over 85% of our incoming business being repeat and referral business, and our biggest expense being royalty fees, it wasn’t going to take a rocket scientist to work out what our next stage of business should look like for the next 10 years” stated Brett Hayman.
“I haven’t ever toyed with the idea of having my name on the door let me tell you. But we had a planning afternoon with our senior team members. There were many many short jokes to be had amongst them when playing with a few business name options I can tell you that. But after I took a bit of a beating from them about not being so modest, the decision was made to use my name as the base-plate for the company’s future footprint. Shane and Sue were absolutely on the same page as the rest of the team”.
“For a little guy” Shane started with pure cheek, “he’s so well known in Canberra. I mean, if you don’t know him as the No. 1 real estate agent that he is in Canberra today, you’d know of him for winning a silver medal in the 2000 Olympics. It makes absolute sense to name our new company HAYMAN PARTNERS”.
Both continued to explain that the legacy they would like to give to the industry, their team and their clients is their commitment to not being treated like a number, a transaction, or a property.
Their new company’s call to action is very simple in approach, yet heavily weighted in commitment and meaning. Their vision is to be “Your Personal Property Partner”.
For Brett, Shane, Sue and everyone in their team who crossed over with them to Hayman Partners, they truly believe in a people-based and service focused new world as opposed to a template and technology driven, non-personalised approach (albeit they certainly have enough technology within their ship to launch them full-throttle).
“I’m excited. My Partners are excited. Our team are excited. We so hope that the Canberra market-place joins us on this exciting journey and are ready for some non-traditional real estate marketing. We felt it was becoming a little boring in our industry, so we have taken it up a notch… We’re about standing tall and being proud to do so”, Brett finished lighted-heartedly “…and no, that wasn’t a short joke either!”