What does a real estate agent do for me?

Posted in Resources December 17th 2020

When selling a home, one of the first steps that many people choose to take is to find a suitable real estate agent.

But have you ever really stopped to consider what an agent can actually do for you?

Real Estate Agency - Hayman Partners Canberra

Experience is key

Let’s start with the most obvious point: one of the main roles that a real estate agent plays for sellers is negotiating the highest possible price for their property.

A seasoned real estate agent will have a wealth of experience in doing precisely that — but they’re also continually learning and training to be able to stay up to date in an ever-changing market.

“Real estate agents could be compared to airline pilots,” says Hayman Partners Director, Shane Killalea.

“We are professionals in our field and we are continually undertaking training courses to be the best in our industry.”

In the same way that an experienced airline pilot keeps calm under pressure, sticking to their path in the face of turbulence, a real estate agent can help you stay on track. They give you a sense of confidence in what is, for many people (especially first-time sellers), unchartered waters.

“We take control of every situation in the sale transaction,” explains Shane, “while keeping our vendors relaxed and fully informed from the first open home to the day of settlement.”

Real Estate Agents - Hayman Partners Canberra

Preparing for sale

When selling a property, lots of buyers will be focussing on the day that they get the winning offer for their home. However, to maximise the sale price, there’s a lot that needs to happen well before that point. In fact, in many cases, real estate agents begin working with sellers before their property even hits the market.

“I would say that where we provide the greatest value to our client is advising them how to prepare their home for sale,” says Shane.

“We use our experience and knowledge of the local market to determine whether the home requires things like decluttering, styling, or perhaps a touch of landscaping to showcase the property to its highest potential and attract buyers.”

Canberra Real Estate Agency - Hayman Partners

Presenting to buyers

Then comes the ever-important step in presenting your property to buyers: the marketing. Your property can look absolutely amazing, but without knowing how to market it correctly, you risk flying under the radar of potential buyers.

“I start by agreeing on the appropriate marketing strategy. Then it’s onto photography and we determine whether it should be a daytime or evening twilight shoot.”

“We discuss the finer points that make the home so special to the seller, such as whether the home has a significant history (perhaps a former prime minister lived there).”

This is where a good real estate agent really shines: through their communication skills. From getting to know you and your property, to establishing the perfect approach to marketing, and of course, acting as a liaison point between you and your potential buyers.

Of course, there are people who may wonder whether a real estate agent is worth the investment.

“The biggest risk of not using a real estate agent is that it becomes very personal between the seller and buyer,” explains Shane.

“In most cases, this ends in disaster with neither party getting a favourable outcome. The agent acts as a conduit between the seller and buyer, providing clear communication and employing their excellent negotiation skills.”

So, there you have it: real estate agents can offer a sense of confidence, a wealth of knowledge and experience, marketing prowess, and ultimately the ability to negotiate the highest possible price for your property.